Private Flexibility Training and Exercise:

Private Flexibility Training

Featuring a complete flexibility and core strengthening program is provided by combining:

  • Active isolated stretching
  • Yoga
  • Yoga therapeutics
  • Pilates abdominal exercises

    This is a perfect companion to a personal exercise program. Expectations include:

  • A noticeable difference in how your body moves and feels
  • Fewer injuries
  • Elimination of chronic sore areas

    Hand weights, fitness ball, therabands or aerobics may be added if this is to be your only exercise program.

    Active Isolated Stretching

    This style of stretching both tones and stretches every muscle. Each stretch is anatomically safe, putting no stress on joints or the spine. Active contraction of the opposite muscle during the stretch (reciprocal inhibition) utilizes the bodies natural stretch response and stabilizes the joint during the stretch. Active stretching simultaneously exercises the antagonist to the stretching muscle.This provides a complete exercise that both tones and stretches. This also creates joint stability and postural tone. Each stretch precisely isolates the stretching muscle to prevent compensation by other muscles. Stretches are done in non-weight bearing positions, so the muscle is free to stretch to its fullest extent. While the level of difficulty can be easily adjusted for elderly or injured individuals, the stretches are challenging even for intermediate yoga students and athletes.

    This style of stretching was developed by Aaron Mattes. Learn more about active isolated stretching from his web site at .

    Yoga Theraputics

    These simple postural exercises were created by the founder of Anusara yoga. They bring the postural alignment benefits of Anusara yoga to your everyday activities. Improving postural alignment corrects the root cause of most chronic musculo-skeletal problems and reduces the stress on existing injuries.

    Potential benefits include:

  • Injury prevention
  • Optimal function
  • Safe for those who have age-related or physical limitations