About Jana:

Jana Miller-Gibbons is the owner and founder of Neuro-muscular Concepts massage school and clinic, est. 1983 in San Antonio, Texas.

American Massage Therapy Association certified in 1983.

National Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork certified in 1991.

When Texas state registration of massage therapists began in 1985, Jana obtained her massage license (#MT00000503). She was the 39th licensed massage therapy instructor in Texas (#MI000039). Neuro-Muscular Concepts Massage School became one of the first two state registered massage schools in San Antonio (#MS000018).

In 1993, Jana began teaching group stretching/exercise classes based on Active Isolated Stretching (The Aaron Mattes method). Over the years, the class has evolved to also include basic pilates, yoga therapeutics and Anusara-style yoga. Private sessions can also include theraband exercises, fitness ball exercises and hand weight work.

In 1999, Jana graduated from 500 hours of instruction provided by the International School of Somatic Cranial Work.

In 2000, Jana graduated from 500 hours of instruction provided by the South West School of Botanical Medicine in Arizona, and is certified as a clinical herbalist.

In 2001, Jana (along with with Darren Craddock) began teaching a series of state-approved continuing education wellness classes for massage therapists. The classes focused on increasing wellness in each body system (digestive, immune, cardiovascular, etc) through nutrition, herbs, exercise, stress management, hydrotherapy and bodywork.

While teaching a 75-hour anatomy and physiology course for massage therapists (taught since 1985), Jana created her self-published book entitled "Understanding the Human Body: Anatomy and Physiology for Massage Therapists and the Health Conscious," which she completed in 2004.

In 2003, Jana created an Anatomy and Physiology Through Art and Role Playing class for elementary and middle school children. Jana instructed this course for one year at Camino, a private school for gifted children. In 2008, Jana began teaching this same course for home schooled children.

In 2007, Jana taught Anatomy and Physiology for the Esther Vexler Yoga School, the first school in San Antonio for individuals aspiring to become Yoga teachers.

In 2008, Jana turned over the massage school portion of Neuro-Muscular Concepts to Paul Frizzell (her partner in running the school for the past 11 years), in order to have time to focus on developing other classes: especially Anatomy and Physiology Through Art and Roll Playing, which merges her passion for sharing an in-depth understanding of the human body with her passion for art and creativity.

In 2012, Jana completed a 200-hour Anusara-style Hatha Yoga teacher training program with Martin Kirk.

In addition to her teaching, Jana continues to provide clients a variety of massage, exercise and wellness services.

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